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The Old Is New


RADMAR, Inc. has been in the creativity business since 1971. Major early efforts combined Audio Visual product manufacturing with equipment to allow you to produce your own program materials and later, through our Media Services Group, RADMAR moved to generate programs and educational materials for you. We started with our Filmaker Filmstrip Maker for in-house production of 35mm filmstrips. Then we added our Dupe-Pro Slide Duplicator for production of slide sets and a Show-Sync Cassette Recorder to let you add a synchronized sound program to your visuals. We got into the film projector business with our Soundstage 50 Sound Slide Projector which was used by organ manufacturers to teach their customers to play the organ. We also manufactured our own Copy Stands and made specialized versions of these for other companies, including Bell & Howell Company and Creative Learning Systems. While film was still the medium of choice, we entered the filmstrip and slide projector industry with our Crusader, Crusader-Plus, and Illustrator Projectors and their accessory systems. These projectors could operate on any power standard around the world or on battery power. We later added Portable Overhead Projectors. As video moved to center stage, we introduced RADMAR 16mm Tele-Cine Projectors to transfer 16mm motion picture films to video. These were distributed by Bell & Howell dealers worldwide. RADMAR’s entry into the Media Services industry came, first by purchasing an Illinois film laboratory, and later by acquiring RCA’s Video Duplication Service. There were many other steps along the way, but RADMAR, Inc. evolved into a post-production house and duplicator/distributor for slides, filmstrips, audio tapes, video tapes, and eventually CD’s and DVD’s. We drop-shipped all of these types of media for clients to field locations all over the world. We also produced our own film and video materials: Carlos Campesino Filmstrips for education and training in international rural developing areas; Hanna-Barbera Educational Filmstrips (duplication and distribution only); and Export Procedures Video Training Materials. We soon realized that our Media Services activities constituted a form of Publishing, so we began to enter that market with books, while we continued to duplicate and distribute other media. Our transition to this site emphasizes the focus of our interests on our publishing activities. Please visit us frequently to see what RADMAR, Inc. is doing.

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