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Publication of Overcoming: An Anthology by the Writers of OCWW



RADMAR Publishing Group


For Immediate Release


RADMAR Publishing Group announces release of a new Anthology, edited and with an introduction by Richard Davidson. Overcoming: An Anthology by the Writers of OCWW is the first of a new series featuring the writers of Off-Campus Writers’ Workshop, the oldest continuously-operating workshop of its type in the United States.


In his introduction to this work, Davidson says, “We grow and learn to be self-sufficient by overcoming obstacles, challenges, and misfortunes as we face whatever life has to offer us. Even as children, when most of us have the support of dedicated family members and guardians, we have to overcome problems of health, learning, and physical skills development. This anthology presents a wide variety of examples of overcoming from approximately forty skilled writers.”


Contents Summary: This anthology covers many aspects of overcoming life’s problems, obstacles, and challenging developments. The contributing writers have used fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry, historical chronicle, and drama to highlight our continuing need to overcome our problems, rather than dwell on them. The reader will learn from many talented writers the skills needed to respond constructively, energetically, and sometimes humorously to whatever obstacle bars one’s path. Apply their lessons to your own needs and to those of others you cherish.



This is Davidson’s seventh book and his second self-help title. In this genre, he has also written DECISION TIME! Better Decisions for a Better Life – a guidebook having many adherents in several countries. He has recently completed his Lord’s Prayer Mystery Series, the five volumes of which.are: (I) Lead Us Not into Temptation, (II) Give Us this Day Our Daily Bread, (III) Forgive Us Our Trespasses, (IV) Thy Will Be Done, and (V) Deliver Us from Evil. Many of the other professional and semi-professional writers featured in Overcoming are well known and widely published, while others have only recently launched their scribbling careers. The blend of their skills and viewpoints is refreshing.


Overcoming: An Anthology by the Writers of OCWW is available in paperback (ISBN 978-0-9829160-4-9) from, and other online vendors. The book can also be ordered from most bookstores in the United States and the United Kingdom. More information is available at the author’s official website,


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