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Shakespeare 001

This is a legal notice that RADMAR has had on its original radmar.com website since 12/18/2003. It indicates that as technology, our business ventures, and our available storage space change, past tape and disc duplication customers must use on-file masters, ask for them to be returned, or otherwise refrain from expecting us to permanently store obsolete materials. Will Shakespeare took his folios back, knowing we wouldn’t store them for 450 years.

Legal Notice (12/18/2003): RADMAR, Inc. has, as a convenience to its
media services customers, stored customer master materials in film, audio tape,
video tape and multimedia formats. Such storage is for the customer’s
convenience in placing periodic re-orders for duplications of such media.
RADMAR, Inc. is not able to store such materials indefinitely, especially when
they are have not been ordered for many years. Accordingly, this is to serve
notice that owners of such old master materials should contact RADMAR, Inc.
within 90 days (by 3/18/2004) to give instructions for return or
disposition of such materials for which they are the legal owners. Proof of
ownership will be required if the contacting party is not the same party who
originally authorized materials storage at RADMAR, Inc. After this period,
RADMAR, Inc. will dispose of stored master materials which have not been
re-ordered for five years or more at its own discretion. Following this 90 day
period, this five year dormancy rule will apply automatically to future stored
materials. Leaving of masters with RADMAR in the future will imply acceptance of
this rule.

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